Flaming Half Skull
 Resin & lighted pedestal, 36” long x 9” wide x 9” tall, 2018
Violet Half Skull
Amber Skull
 Resin & lighted pedestal, 48” long x 9” wide x 10” tall, 2018
Coming To Your Hood
There Goes the Neighborhood
New Work Bitches
Detail from 'My Apt at 623am'
Dada Lighthouse
Power Gnomes-Ghost Gnome, Lemon Seizure, Orange Meltdown, Strawberry Shortcircuit
Gnome Mountain
Gnome Mountain
Leave Everything, solo exhibition at Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, NYC
View of 'Salvage Strike IV (The LES Neighborhood Watch)'
Salvage II (Colombus)
Detail from 'Salvage #1 (One Man's Trash)'
The Financial District
The Large Rosebush
B.R. Mutt (Jackson & Lee)